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Resources for Renters

Tenant Toolkit

Renting can be a confusing process there is so much to learn from the application process to what steps you need to take when you are getting ready to move out. We have worked hard to help answer some of the more common questions you may have when getting ready to rent. We hope you find this information useful and helpful. 

What to Know Before You Rent

Whether this is your first time renting our you are a seasoned renter there are many questions you may have when you are applying for a rental home. The section below offers information on the application process, how to avoid rental fraud, how to communicate with your potential new landlord and more. 

  • Is the application process frustrating and causing you some confusion? This section has information on what to reasonably expect when applying for a new rental unit. Don't forget to ask what fees you may be responsible for on top of your rent payment so you can properly budget for the unit.

  • In this section we discuss things you should watch for to protect yourself from becoming a victim of rental fraud.

  • This section helps you understand some of the common terms in a lease and what to watch for in your lease agreement.

  • In this section we discuss things to keep in mind when you are renting a unit such as reading your lease agreement, paying your rent on time, and following the requirements on your lease agreement

  • If you have a disability and are in need of assistance please reach out to the Utah Disability Law Center

  • Do you feel like you are being discriminated against, please take a look at this section to see how you can contact the Utah Antidiscrimination & Labor Division

How to be a Successful Tenant

In this section you will find many resources on things to do while you are renting to be a successful tenant such as building the business relationship with your landlord, things that are your responsibility as a tenant and how to deal with emergencies. 

Preparing to Leave

Your lease had ended or you have been given an eviction notice. This section covers what you need to do to give your notice to your landlord that you are not renewing your lease as well as what happens if you are served an eviction notice. 

  • In this section we help you figure out how and when you need to give your notice to the landlord or property manager that you are not renewing your lease agreement

  • Are you unsure on what you need to do to get your deposit back from your property manager or landlord? This section walks you through what you need to do to have the highest chance of receiving your deposit back.

  • What happens if you abandon your apartment? What about your items, how are they handled?


  • Unsure how the eviction process works in Utah, click on the link for more information.

  • You have been served an eviction notice but you are unsure why you were served, or maybe you just don't know what to do. Learn more here

  • This chart shows the different steps that take place in an eviction.

  • In this section it shows the different types of evictions that can be filed such as; Failure to Pay, Lease Violations, Nuisance and more.

  • There are three different types of eviction expungement in Utah. This worksheet talks about the three different types and what conditions are necessary to qualify for each expungement type.


In this section you will find many resources you may need while renting, from programs and services, sample documents, and agency resources.