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Local Advocacy

Utah League of Cities and Towns Advocacy 

Guidance for implementation and reporting on SB 34

SB 34 implementation can be broken up into two phases. The first phase is adopting a moderate income housing plan (MIHP) that is compliant with new requirements. Continue reading below to learn more.  All 82 cities are currently compliant with the first phase. The second phase requires these 82 cities to annually report to the Department of Workforce Services and their respective AOG or MPO on their implementation progress. The first reporting deadline is December 1st, 2020. ULCT put together resources to help cities navigate the reporting process. ​

Wasatch Front Regional Council  

Wasatch Choice is Built on 4 Key Strategies
Four key strategies represent the overarching themes in the Wasatch Choice Regional Vision and help achieve the Regional Goals. The key strategies are as follows.

  • Provide Transportation Choices: Help us have real options in how we choose to get around and increase the number of easily reached destinations.
  • Support Housing Options: Support housing types and locations that we can both afford and work best for our lives.
  • Preserve Open Space: Preserve sufficient and easily accessible open lands that provide us with recreational opportunities.
  • Link Economic Development with Transportation and Housing Decisions: Create a synergy between these three key building blocks. Enable shorter and less expensive travel to afford us more time and money. Efficiently utilize infrastructure to save taxpayer dollars. Provide housing options and increase housing affordability. Improve the air we breathe by reducing auto emissions.

Utah Association of Counties Advocacy